Microdermabrasion: the word can sound downright intimidating.

Almost everyone has heard the term in reference to skincare, but not everyone knows what it means.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates the skin to remove the top layer of thick, uneven and discolored dead skin. This process makes the skin noticeably smoother and brighter, while treating scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and blackheads.

In addition, the treatment stimulates collagen production, and allows products to be more effectively absorbed. Microderm can be used on all skin types and colors, and is best when done regularly.

We know what you’re thinking: where do I sign up?

Although most people qualify, there are some contraindications that you should be aware of. Patients who have open sores, use Retin-A, or have rosacea are not candidates for Microdermabrasion. Also, this treatment does not help with Eczema or deep, cystic acne.

So, what should you expect?

To prepare, you should stop smoking for a few weeks before the procedure for better healing, and avoid anti-inflammatory drugs. As always, stay hydrated before and after for best results. Typically, a treatment takes around 30 minutes, and the machine will use either crystals or a diamond tip to polish off the skin, while also vacuuming the dead skin away. Avoid the sun and strenuous exercise for 48 hours afterwards. Most patients experience little downtime with a small amount of sensitivity, swelling and redness.

Maximum Results

For maximum results, it is recommended you get up to 12 treatments, each 3-4 weeks apart. The more treatments you have, the better the results are each time.

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