Our Primary Focus:

    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Low Testosterone
    • Peyronie's Disease
    • Comprehensive Health and Wellness 


Steel City Men’s Clinic is here to help men like you maintain their overall health and wellness. SCMC is different from similar companies because it is a Medical Clinic founded by a patient who suffered ED at an early age, and a Medical Doctor who is one of the nation’s leading specialists in bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Donaldson and Bo Hamlett are passionate about one common goal, which is to improve a man’s quality of life and put a smile on his face.

Steel City Men’s Clinic (SCMC) exists for MEN. It’s all about men for us. We stand for everything and anything that has to do with men’s health and how men exist in the world today. We are a place where a man can go and work toward that which will make him a healthier, happier and more productive individual.

Suffering from ED? You are not alone. I started this clinic to do something about it. At Steel City Men’s Clinic (SCMC), we specialize in the wellness of the entire man. Some of the most damaging health complications to occur are the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Today, most people understand that low “T” means low testosterone. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of men over the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction (ED), a common symptom of low testosterone, and the percentages keep rising. ED has become a new plague for this century.

Not often talked about, but more common than one knows is a disease called Peyronie’s, a disorder in which hard fibrous scar tissue develops in the penis forming hard plaque.


The clinicians at the Steel City Men’s Clinic understand the stresses and challenges men face in their lives today, and how this can affect performance at work and at home. We use the latest procedures and technologies to help you!

Don’t put it off any longer! A happier, healthier you is just a phone call away.

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday: Appt Only



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