What Does it Really Mean to be Healthy?

Good health and wellness is the growing subject of interest today, but what does it mean to be healthy?

Being healthy is about having abounding energy, flexible joints and muscles, and proper brain function –all till we are 100 years old. Being healthy means being excited each day for what it will bring, freedom to do anything that you wish in life, with the ability to mentally and physically handle any of the “curve balls” thrown you way. Being healthy means living each day to the fullest — from sun up to sun down.

So how can you be healthy?

For you to be healthy, your cells need to be healthy, which makes sense since approximately 37 trillion cells make up your body. And healthy cells need oxygen. The problem is, we don’t get enough oxygen from the air we breathe.

Disease and Oxygen

The word “anaerobic” relates to, involves, or requires an absence of oxygen. So anaerobes are organisms that grow without oxygen or require an oxygen-free environment to live. Most infections or disease occur because of lack of oxygen gives these anaerobes the conditions to thrive.

A lack of oxygen can be because of polluted air, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet. The toxins which flood and absorb into your body require a lot of oxygen to eliminate– more than you have in “reserve.”

For example, part of the ability of cancer cells to grow is a fermentation of sugar process, which can only be initiated by the absence of oxygen. So the more oxygen you have in your body, the harder it is for cancer to grow.

The shortage of oxygen in your body causes an overgrowth of harmful microbes, which will lead to a breakdown of enzymatic reactions, an overload of metabolic wastes, and ultimately the death of cells.

Low levels of oxygen decrease mental function, increase cyclic mood disorders, prevent detoxification, accelerate degenerative disease, and cause the accumulation of lactic acid, which causes pain. Lactic acid also causes degeneration, which is another term for aging.

Finally, low levels of oxygen slow the healing process. The reason some injuries heal completely and others don’t, is because of circulation. For a damaged area of the body to regenerate and repair, it must have the critical elements that only the blood can provide; nutrients, healing co-factors, and oxygen.

One of the best ways to resolve chronic pain patterns, increase circulation and nutrient distribution, and arrest the aging process is to restore oxygen levels. An excellent way to do this is thru Insufflation Therapy.

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