The “ Bad” Things about Testosterone and What To Do About It.

Last week, I wrote about the good things testosterone does for our bodies.  Today, I am writing about the “bad” things it can cause.  Remember, the below is true in both men and women.

The “ Bad” Things about Testosterone and What To Do About It.

The problems and concerns with Testosterone are listed below and next to it are solutions on how to reverse unwanted effects of Testosterone.

  1. Acne:  Acne occurs because testosterone levels are too high.  The cause is an overabundance of oil produced and stored in pores of the skin.  When oil production is optimal in our body, it helps our skin stay young.  Solution:  Treat with antibiotic for 2-3 days and lower the dose of testosterone.
  2. Weight Gain:  Testosterone increases your muscle mass.  Muscle mass holds more water than other tissues.  Therefore, it is not unusual to gain a few pounds of water weight.   Solution:  Decrease the amount of sodium you are ingesting, especially 2 weeks before you start testosterone pellets.  When this is done, no one has gained weight in my office.  In women, you can increase progesterone which acts as a diuretic.
  3. Edema:  Edema is retained water throughout all your tissues.  It occurs when there is too much testosterone and a poor circulatory and/or lymphatic system.  Solution:  Lower the dose of testosterone.
  4. Hair loss on head and hair gain on chin:  These side effects are caused by the metabolite of testosterone called DHT.  DHT decreases production of hair follicles.  Some people are more sensitive to its actions than others.   Solution:  Herbal Viviscal Pro, MD hair, and the medication Finasteride.  Also PRP, exosomes, and peptides injected into the scalp promote increased hair growth.  And of course, lowering the testosterone dose.
  5. Polycythemia:  Polycythema means an increase in the number of RBC, red blood cells in the body.  Hemoglobin is a protein inside RBCs that carries oxygen thru the body.  Polycythemia is a protective reactive mechanism to increase oxygen in the body when it is needed.  The same mechanism increases RBC when people live at high altitude.  It is not pathologic and is not known to cause harm. However, there is a genetic disease called polycythemia vera  which causes RBC counts to go above normal for no reason.   It is not a reactive protective mechanism but an overabundant production of RBC causing clotting and strokes.  Traditional medicine is taught to identify this disease as being harmful and so it is.  It is not the same as polycythemia described above.  Now you know more than most physicians! Solution to ease the minds of traditional physicians and lower RBC count:  Donate blood.
  6. Excessive stimulation of libido:  Testosterone stimulates libido. This is one of its main functions.  When overabundant, libido can become excessive.  Solution: Decrease dose of testosterone.
  7. Obstructive sleep apnea
  8. Urinary obstruction
  9. Increase in PSA level
  10. Increase in breast tissue.  6-9 are all side effects of edema in the body  Solution:  Decrease salt intake and lower the dose of testosterone
  11. Aggressive behavior:  I rarely see this happen in men.  I do see it occasionally in women. Usually it is in people who are on medication or have a brain disorder of some kind.  Solution:  Decrease dose of testosterone.  Progesterone can be used also as it is a calming hormone.
  12. Edgy Feeling:  This I see mostly in women after pellets when there has been a quick change of testosterone going from low to high.  I’ve not seen it listed as a side effect of testosterone, or even discussed.  Solution:  Lower testosterone dose with next pellet insert and use progesterone to counter the edginess until testosterone levels off which takes about 2 weeks.

Have an amazing week!  Please send me your questions.  I am writing a book on hormones and healing for lay people starting in 2 weeks and am basing it on answering the most asked questions about hormones.  Thank you.

Dr D