Stress Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction

These are two topics about which are hard for people to talk, because it brings up embarrassment and low self esteem.

• Women of their embarrassment of their urinary incontinence,
• men of their embarrassment of their inability to get erections.

For years, I have had women ask me, “What can I do about my stress incontinence?” and men ask “what can I do about my ED?” The answers found in traditional medicine are always, drugs or surgery. In this case it is medications. Medications always have side effects. I kept thinking there has to be another answer. And actually there is. An answer that is safe, rejuvenating, regenerating and brings big smiles to people’s faces.
I currently use for women’s incontinence and men’s erectile dysfunction, testosterone, applied in pellet or injectable forms. I have had good success with this depending on the degree of dysfunction. I will continue to use this amazing hormone for these applications. Testosterone helps to strength muscles and the ligaments and increase circulation.

More recently, I started using something even more exciting, the application of Human Amniotic Derived Tissue (HADT), processed within 4 hours after harvested from a full term C-section. This Human Amniotic Derived Tissue (HADT) promotes healing to occur via the natural anti-inflammatory, repair factors and growth factors found in the Human Amniotic Derived Tissue (HADT). It is not a medication, it does not contain DNA, and it does not contain blood products. It has been used in over a million applications without any allergic reaction or rejections. It is FDA cleared as a 361 Human Tissue product. Insurance does not cover this procedure at this time. This Human Amniotic Derived Tissue (HADT) is injected into the genitals of the woman or the shaft of the penis in males after the area is numbed. Results are impressive and they can last 8-18 months depending of the individual.

Not having to worry about incontinence for women, and not having to worry about whether you are going to get an erection, is an incredible blessing we can give to each other. A baby is born into the world and can help an adult to have a better quality of life. Using a human product to heal a human is helping to heal each other. To me this concept is mind blowing.