Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership

Good Day!

Today I am on my way home from Cancun, Mexico, where I have spent 8 days, six of them literally 12-14 hours a day, in a course called Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model given by
Werner Erhard, ‘one of the most incisive and insightful thinkers of our generation’, Jeri Echeverria (UCLA) Steve Zaffron, and Michael Jensen. (Harvard)

There were 160 participants from 28 different countries. There were 25 Russians who had the course translated to them real time. Why so many Russians is because Werner went to Russia after 60 minutes invited Werner on the show to talk about his Transformational Events and then blindsided him instead with false claims. Later, Werner was vindicated of all falsehoods that were reported. He never returned to live in the US again. You can find the documentary of his life called, “Transformations: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard” on his website.

He continued his brilliant work through-out the world hence so many different countries being represented at this course, and so many people having been taught directly by Werner at the course. It was quite awesome to be interacting every day with different ethnic and religious groups and in the end, except for the accent, find everyone thinks and deals with the subject matter in the same way with the same feelings, desires, and dreams. It was an incredible leadership experience to interact with people from other countries, realizing the promise of the course to leave us all being and acting as leaders and exercising leadership effectively.

Everyone comes with a Leadership project; mine was to start writing a book, “How Hormones Heal”, a scientifically based book documenting the healing abilities of hormones. I went to the Leadership course in order to take a stand as a leader in the field of hormones as well as get a feel from an unbiased group of people concerning the subject matter and what would compel them to buy it.

The ‘why now’ was given to me by the younger patients in my practice with Traumatic Brain Injury. They came in with low hormones, clinical symptoms of low hormones, and with appropriate treatment can become well. As I looked at these young people, the realization there are very few doctors that would ever be able to accurately diagnose or treat them, compelled me to get the truth out about natural hormones and their ability to heal the brain via writing this book. These were young people with their whole lives ahead of them who were headed down into an abyss out of which they may never be able to climb. I felt the need to help them in a bigger way.

In addition, I want to provide all my patients with scientific documentation supporting the use of natural hormones they can share with their own doctors who are unfamiliar with the expansive research that is available. I want to be able to help take away the angst of patients getting emotionally beaten up by their physicians telling them hormones are dangerous. Writing is a slow process for me, so it may be a while, but the book has been started. I will be posting parts of chapters and sending other parts via the Wednesday texts as it unfolds. I am very excited to be able to do this and hopefully generate a new generation of natural healing in medicine.

Have an Awesome Day! Dr D