Right before starting medical school at Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois, an older ENT surgeon gave me some advice that has played a critical role in my practice of medicine. He said, “Dr. Donaldson, understand that 50 percent of what you learn in medical school will be wrong, and it is your job as a physician to figure out which 50 percent that is.” And so I adopted that as my guide during medical school and beyond. Although it has been difficult at times to go against the masses of traditional medicine to decipher and maintain the “truths” in medicine, I can’t do anything but practice the truth of what I know.

My medical journey, therefore, has been very colorful and very rewarding as I seek out what is natural and good in this world for the purpose of healing and health maintenance. When choosing products and therapies, I search for what works the best and the fastest without risk of complications, while always ensuring they have been scientifically proven not only on paper but also through my own eyes and personal experience. This journey has led me around the world and back and has given me the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing physicians on earth. It has also put me at the forefront of cutting-edge medicine, spanning fields such as anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine, energetic or “bio-hacking” medicine, stem cell or biologic medicine, and most recently peptide medicine. I have garnered the most experience of any other physician in the Pittsburgh tri-state area in the fields of bioidentical hormones and comprehensive men’s health and wellness.

It is with great enthusiasm that I accepted Bo Hamlett’s invitation to be Medical Director of the first multi-focused and comprehensive wellness clinic for men in Pittsburgh: Steel City Men’s Clinic. It certainly is well-needed.

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The clinicians at the Steel City Men’s Clinic understand the stresses and challenges men face in their lives today, and how this can affect performance at work and at home. We use the latest procedures and technologies to help you!

Don’t put it off any longer! A happier, healthier you is just a phone call away.

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